Elladur is a game-changing new product range from flooring technology experts Resin Surfaces Ltd (RSL).

RSL’s specialist team of chemists and product developers have taken the very best of polyaspartic technology to the next level, producing a solution that boasts efficient delivery, greener solutions, and innovative design like no other product on the market.

  • – Fast curing, even at low temperatures
  • – High build
  • – Tough but flexible
  • – Simple installation
  • – Solvent free
  • – Low VOC UV stable
  • – Low odour Long term durability
  • – Can be applied to a wide range of substrates
  • – Versatile applications

Reducing installation time from days to just a few hours, Elladur fulfils the need for a quick turnaround when upgrading flooring, ensuringminimal disruption to operations. Its key benefits
make it an exceptional solution across both industrial and commercial environments, and in sectors ranging from pharmaceutical, to custodial,retail, manufacturing and more. With a range of base coat options, different thickness levels, decorative styles, quality finishes and additional features such as line-markings, Elladur is one of the most versatile solutions available. Its modular system has been designed to be extremely flexible to enable solutions that can be tailored for the given brief.This is all achieved without the use of harmful solvents and minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a truly innovative new product.


Efficient Delivery

An Elladur solution can be tailored to perfectly deliver your brief.

Whether it’s a decorative, anti-slip finish that is required, a solution to stabilise UV light, accommodate high impact use, ensure smooth and easy-clean surfaces, work with existing timber or concrete floors, include coloured flakes or line markings, or prepare a floor for a specific
environment, Elladur has the solution.

Working with our technical experts, a specification advice service helps customers determine the most critical requirements for their floor. An
Elladur solution can then be built from a full range of modules to tailor a solution to perfectly deliver the brief.

Across the range, Elladur’s fast curing properties deliver a rapid return to service. Light traffic can be reintroduced to an Elladur surface within two to three hours, and full traffic within 12 hours of completion. A full chemical cure will be achieved within just three days.

Importantly, Elladur is extremely low-odour, which makes a significant contribution in reducing actual completion times; an Elladur surface will be back in full working order long before competitor products with minimal disruption to other trades that may be on site or even employees who
may still be working in the local vicinity. Elladur is formulated from materials that are user-friendly and easy to apply; designed to achieve the highest level of performance as safely as possible.

Through specification, preparation, priming, application and maintenance, we are here to help you install a quality flooring solution designed to last.

Elladur is formulated from materials that are user-friendly and easy to apply; designed to achieve the highest level of performance as safely as possible.

Greener Solutions

Solvent-free and low in VOCs, Elladur aids businesses in minimising their environmental impact.

We have always been at the leading edge of environmental solutions in resin systems. Environmental impact and sustainability is a critical component of our decision making process.
Elladur continues this philosophy and is one of the greenest solutions that we’ve created to date. Solvent-free and low in VOCs, Elladur aids businesses inminimising their environmental impact. Furthermore, with its increased
durability and high performance finish, the long-lasting formula significantly reduces the cost and energy involved in uplifting/removing other floors, manufacturing replacement floors and installation.

We always strive to work with customers and suppliers who share our sustainable ethos; this helps us to achieve common environmental goals and further reduce impacts.

Innovative Designs

The Elladur systems are state of the art, and a bold innovation for our industry

The most common barriers to effective flooring solutions have always been the lengthy drying and sticking process, the associated costs from loss of activity, and the smells present during application, not to mention the impact on the environment.

Representing our innovative design in action at its very best, Elladur is the first resin solution to combat all of these issues. At the same time, it upholds the characteristics of high durability, high performance, and high quality that RSL has become renowned for.

For over two decades our reputation has grown for bespoke product insights. We have continued to invest in a top R&D team that works with industry, contractors, architects and end-users to better appreciate demands and create new and improved products to suit the specification.

Promising unrivalled benefits, Elladur is the most advanced flooring solution in the market today; a game-changer.


Elladur is a new range of state of the art materials which have been formulated to be fast curing, eco friendly and solvent free.

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